Changsha ” calm ” client of new Hunan of · of daily of Hunan of the backside that greet a peak carries of reporter Xie Lu (publish on July 15, 2019 ” Hunan daily ” 03 edition) late on July 10, hunan river is the oldest since entering high water this year Changsha of flood peak pass through the territory of a country. Changsha citizen ” calm ” greet a peak, business extends normal operation, traffic is sleek, production lives as always. “This year the flood not pretty is big. ” the citizen says in friend circle. Actually, is water not big really? A group of data spoke the truth. In July the first ten days of a month, hunan is average rainfall 134.3 millimeter, relatively slant all the year round much 132.4% , house since successive atmosphere was recorded 1951 the corresponding period the 2nd perch. Suffer strong precipitation effect, above of Changsha of Hunan river trunk stream makes an appointment with all fronts of 900 kilometers reach to transcend warning line, the clear in relief river, river that scoop up a knife also transcends warning line in succession. 10 days 22 when 47 minutes, water level of occurrence flood peak of station of Hunan river Changsha 38.35 meters, changsha of the river that it is Hunan paragraph since observation is recorded the 8th tall; The largest flow 26300 stere every second, for history go up flood peak of the largest flow. Flood affection is so arduous, changsha however ” remain unruffled ” . To on July 14, changsha production life is orderly, did not break down one library one dam, did not break through one bank one Yuan, hunan river the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches sheds 519 kilometers to dike to did not produce big danger feeling one case. “Calm ” rear, it is various and departmental door and broad cadre masses pay the the Changsha City arduously. Hear flood and move, as soon as possible is prevented accuse to protect security on July 7, changsha general falls in to heavy rain. From catch the first dangerous breath to begin, changsha flood prevention fights calamity to work to spread out in order. 6 days afternoon, the the Changsha City is prevented point to hold flood prevention hold a conference or consultation to meet, arrangement deploy strong rainfall answers the job, release early-warning short message to person of responsibility of all flood prevention. 8 days 18 when, lash-up of class of Ⅳ of the flood prevention that start is answered. 9 days 12 when, answer 6 the city zone and meet an urgent need of Changsha county flood prevention promotion to come again Ⅲ class. 9 days, hu Henghua of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, Changsha makes an instruction with respect to flood prevention job. 10 days, he thorough face the place of key of f汉中芙蓉足浴lood prevention of the city zone such as Jiang Dongan of Yuan, Hunan, superintend and director guides meet flood peak head-on. City flood prevention attempers branch of meeting requirement hydrology releases regimen of Ci Xiangjiang and one main minor aspects two hours every. Close place troops on garrison duty, fang Kexian goes. 9 days afternoon, xing Mazhou looks be like calm, actually water level already amounted to 37.85 meters, still be in with horary 0.13 meters rate rises. “Go up according to having fast, promote equestrian Yuan water level to may break through 39 meters tonight! ” street天水芙蓉大酒店 and resolute decision is held in the palm south day heart area, right continent 12 years old of old person of on 65 years old of above, the following child child and 400 more than person has pregnant incomplete personnel urgent move. The village is raised two appoint, villager young group leader, party group group leader, woman group leader is entered ahead of schedule door ” early-warning ” , danger affection deals with on the immediately of 8 working groups such as group of group, logistics safeguard group, dimension firm mediate continent begin move work. Li Bingren of old person of 6 a period of ten days fears the dish that plants in the ground is wided, the staff member helped him pluck dish transfer along with all the others; Action of Yan Xiulan of old person of 8 a period of ten days is disadvantageous, villager young group leader is opening oneself report motor-car to send her aboard… in the evening 7 when make, the first batch of personnel are transferred smoothly already find a place for dot. Go to water, dry group build an oncoming force of heavy rain of wall of prevent or control flood fierce. Since 9 days, changsha builds up quickly personnel, equipment, goods and materials throws rush to deal with an emergency, in all arenaceous stone of allocate and transfer is eighteen thousand three hundred stere, striped cloth thirty-six thousand eight hundred square metre, textile bag 157 thousand. The commando of rush to deal with an emergency of professional fight a flood that 120 people comprise hurries off to spot of each be or get out of danger, nearly 60 thousand dry group build in levee of a gleam of case firm ” wall of prevent or control flood ” . 9 days afternoon, because Hunan river water level rises continuously, water of occurrence river of well of on road of west lake of area of heart of day of the Changsha芙蓉区附近的酒店 City 3 catchment flows backward, road surface seeper is serious. Day heart area dispatchs instantly hundreds person and equipment of many 40 rush to deal with an emergency and car, eduction seeper. Team member of rush to deal with an emergency of center of town drain off water smokes a seeper continuously in the spot nearly 40 hours, hungry surface of meal taking a case, bubble, tired in the narrow one’s eyes on mobile pump car a little while. Enter circumjacent business to spread to do not let flow, commando people deliver with both hands 20 thousand many arenaceous bag, base removes a solid coff宁乡水晶郦城天大酒店erdam. 10 days of evening, hope bay of t-shaped of the city zone is street by levee of flood prevention of a gleam of, a berth pounds next go happening in onrush in riparian pump water landing stage anchorage, rely on drawing of a cable to be on levee pole only, at any time likelihood out of control, endanger other boat that plies regularly between inland towns and button of armature of boat of downstream Hunan river. Critical hour, hope ministry of fierce of person of the city zone is urgent dispatch personnel, discover pluvial velocity of flow is too rapid however, assault boat the body of a ship is smaller, approach landing stage task hard. An imminent peril during, local Xiao Gegong, Xiao Jianlong, Xiao Degang 3 villagers drive civil ” iron raft ” , enter landing stage successfully. All previous classics 4 hours, the army and the people pullbacks landing stage in tandem bank. In the meantime, the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches of whole Hunan river she长沙凯宾斯基酒店电话号码ds levee, 500 meters of 200 meters of one hillock, one canopy, dry group pull a flood prevention长沙五一广场带浴缸的酒店 or control ” lifeline ” . Each area retires commando of rush to deal with an emergency of veteran composition fight a flood, become billows voice report of a gun, become flood passion military orders… in order to defend to attack, rear safeguard expresses tender feeling ” ask according to flood prevention, time of each main road illume will be lengthened from before dawn zero hour to in the morning 6 when. ” 9 days 12 when, country blow of company of net Changsha power supply ” build up date ” , “Electric Lei Feng ” drainage area of the in relief river of river of Hunan of leave for different destinations of group of Party member service, clear, river that scoop up a knife levee of many flood prevention, equipment of lighting of wiring, installation. The coverall on the body is appeared early by dip of rainwater, sweat, arrived meal place has simply ” roadside eat ” , in throwing the job quickly again. Via 9 many the hour fights bravely, that evening, changsha county dare get the better of Yuan, look at the city zone revive the levee of a gleam of such as Yuan procrastinates south area of heart of knotweed Yuan, day bright light. In Changsha flood prevention rear, picture ” electric Lei Feng ” such do all one can are offerred for a gleam of assist, still have lots and lots of. Flood prevention hold a conference or consultation, reservoir attempers, goods and materials allocates and transport… the the Changsha City 浏阳银天大酒店旁边的ktvis prevented point to inside although do not have a situation full of danger, be rush to deal with an emergency of whole town flood prevention however ” central nervous ” , devise clever strategies also step by step Jing heart. 6 days night, value team and group grows Qin Yaxiong to receive a telephone call, the son is coming home alone in road by car scratch, he is fraught, did not leave post from beginning to end however. Value team and group, field, superintend and director consults 6 working groups such as the group 24 hours in rotation, to receiving each area (county, city) reach unit of 30 many members, every other sends early-warning short message two hours to 500 more than associated personnel, every 12 hours edit overview of a flood prevention, begin spot superintend and director to examine 459 batch early or late. Day and night of 7 technologists group awaits bureau of irrigation works of the Changsha City life, offer point danger program, successful assistance deals with the main risk affection such as water of ooze of Yuan of Bai Sha of city of keep a lookout 12 place. Each area (county, city) , street (villages and towns) medical establishment establishs medical treatment to serve a line in succession, on the belt boil meticulously make prevent sweltering medicaments, in sending to what stand fast on levee to work group of hands. Still have ma浏阳酒店最新招聘信ny enterprises, business door, dweller, wait to defend bank staff to serve reeky meal, fresh big watermelon, clean drinking water, initiative exert oneself for flood prevention.