Clear this world always installs: New-style profession farmer aids force countryside to revitalize client of new Hunan of Hunan daily · to carry of Song Li of reporter Wang Wen’s reporter (the does rural synthesis namely Yu Jianqi that wears green dress) May always install, it is the picture with one vibrant clique everywhere, delicate and charming flower, fresh and green leaf, clear pond, foil the static beauty that always installs; Here, still have a flock of lovely new-style profession farmers, they abandon outer high pay works or turning row, return home town to come to field edge of a field, in field cultivate, in tea Lin Lixiu cuts branches and leaves, transform a house owned by a citizen to do civilian constellation, open the journey with new life. Project manager turns to do rural synthesis all right (the does rural synthesis namely Yu Jianqi that wears green dress) the Yu Jianqi of Lu Tang village, still be one is wearing safety helmet a few years ago, move back and forth in Changsha to build medium project manager each. Nowadays, he becomes a new-style farmer that visits on ridge of field all the year round however, become the chief of Pan Gu cooperation. The experience of obtain employment of outer attend school, let Yu Jianqi have opener view to the development of agricultural country. He takes the advantage of reed pond village to bring into level of clear positive state rural synthesis always is installed ” in fairy tale bay ” functional area, the decision is in of field of bay back room rural make China old seed read extensively field. “Old seed reads extensively field ” be ” in fairy tale bay ” outstanding distinguishing feature, read extensively to include breeding of old seed scientific research field, kind seedling extract rejuvnation breeds hutch of center, rural illicit the 20 many projects such as park of vegetable of experience, old seed. For collect old seed, rose in August 2015, at building a Yuan Fugui the city saves Li wave county, rush about between 30 many villages, collect high mountain tomato, aubergine, chili to wait for vegetable old seed and old seed rice. “Let old seed walk into ‘ seminal garden ‘ , walk into rural synthesis, it is better to let common people eat, eat healthily ” the target that is Yu Jianqi. Nowadays, he already collect arrives the old seed of 400 many crop, in the rural synthesis that manages in him, green meaning of many mus 1000 base of old seed vegetable is abundant. Guide in what rise at building below, cooperation holds water formally to now from 2016, be on the move farm more than mus 1200, cooperation builds processing factory of old seed local speciality oneself, produced series local speciality to taste. He returned an organization to establish company of travel of field of bay back room, year tourist quantity exceeds 100 thousand person-time. “The villager wants rich rise while, zoology environment of the country also should restore to rise gradually. Nong Gengwen is changed more want inheritance to rise, such countryside promotes talent is right country is revitalized! ” Yu Jianqi says. Undergraduate return to one’s native place does poineering work do civilian constellation (the does rural synthesis namely Yu Jianqi that wears green dress) after Peng Shuai university of 91 years graduates, enter an Internet company, contacted the Internet economy with most fervent nowadays, of the city blundering, the pressure of the life and to freedom yearning, let Peng Shuai more those who yearn for child child times then the portion is mixed simply dinkum. 2017, peng Shuai resigns high pay works steadily, return oneself home town, return to one’s native place establishs the civilian constellation of a Gan Shan of · of life of the foot of mountain that it is a star. August 2018, gan Shan of · of life of astral the foot of mountain begins to try operation, in 3 short months, battalion receives the forehead to break through 100 thousand, drive turnover of circumjacent farmhouse happy meal to promote considerably, dish lived circumjacent agriculture is recreational resource. Besides the mainest room and meal, still undertook two romantic courtship, engineered many interesting activity, for example true person CS, course of the project on water, gem gal, outing, take a picture dozen of card, the amateur that abounded Changsha citizen greatly lives. “It is not the civilian constellation on a kind of simple meaning, in cover have a meal, over the basic function foundation such as accommodation, civilian constellation brings a person more be with one’s own hands creation, personal experience, brand-new experienced good way of life, the true, real life mark that every person to here can leave him himself. ” he states himself to be made single-handed so ” astral the foot of mountain lives ” concept. To prospective development, peng Shuai plans to develop confluence local characteristic property, grow with periphery mill of large family, handicraft, orchard sign cooperative agreement, buy all round the produce such as chicken of the vegetable of farmer, earth, green plant, unripe delicacy, new low rich distinctive produce centers sale; Circumjacent farmer can make his originality hand, traditional folk handicraft is taken ” civil achieve bazaar ” have sale, form clear in relief produce to share mode new window, the farther countryside that help strength is revitalized. Gan Shan of · of life of astral the foot of mountain lets oppidan take up one’s quarters, acquired rich sense and experience move while, lengthen linger time, increased consumption of average per capita, increase rural dweller income; Guide appeal youth farmer to return countryside to do poineering work, solve problem of more obtain employment for the society, promote rustic culture with real operation, the economy that drives dorp and spiritual civilization develop in coordination. “Tea-seed oil elder brother ” ” tea-oil tree dream ” (the civilian constellation that Peng Shuai return to one’s native place establishs) in always mix village, have a far and near famed ” tea-seed oil elder brother ” Luo Chizheng, 2013 from Hunan farming after old finish school, luo Chizheng in Hunan company of a famous food is held the position of taste undersecretary accusing a ministry one duty; For oneself when the tea-oil tree dream in the heart, after arriving one year he resolutely resign oneself position, return home town to establish cooperation of tea-seed oil major, kind had oily tea tree. “Besides sale tea-seed oil, we return development of as positive as brotherly company cooperation innovation to study a series of tea-oil tree by-product, if seed of pure natural tea is washed, shampoo of seed of film of face of fluid of tea seed ferment, tea-seed oil, tea ” Luo Chizheng says. He develops new product not only, also pay attention to intellectual property protection very much at the same time, be in early 2013 to the country industrial and commercial total bureau applied for to register ” Wangzetang ” brand. In respect of tea-seed oil sale, cooperation passes Internet + , TV medium conduct propaganda, farming rich is met and go to urban village actively extending the pattern such as conduct propaganda; Combine rustic travel, make full use of cooperation seat always installs a town to always be mixed the geographical advantage that village and Changsha of provincial capital city are less than Cheng Fei of half hour car to often suit to develop recreational experience agriculture only, attract a citizen to use on the weekend or free time will to countryside experience personally extract tea-seed oil to buy countryside high grade produce, the trend citizen with drive clear in relief tea-seed oil and other agriculture products better is mensal, drove clear this world the development of economy of recreational experience agriculture, also form good urban and rural and interactive mode, promoted rural just a little 3 industries confluence develops, revitalize the experience with was offerred good for countryside. Relevant link — always install cooperation of experience agriculture company to achieve 237 (Luo Chizheng of tea-seed oil elder brother) always installing, mutual register the business that pursues agriculture and cooperation 237, basically be to be engaged in cultivating treatment of course of study and agricultural machinery service, produce and land to be on the move professional cooperation (farm) . “This year in March, we founded a the Changsha City to carry out countryside to revitalize strategic demonstrative town, on this foundation, we should carry out new-style professionalism farmer to breed a project energetically, compose builds ” know farmer of country of agriculture, love, love ” ” 3 farming ” working team. ” how to always press down respecting of Chen Xunwu of Party committee secretary. Executive countryside revitalizes the strategy, it is the major strategy deploy that the 19 your work of the party give, carry out countryside to revitalize the strategy energetically, must try every means makes a powerful countryside promote talent team. Since always installing a town to advance countryside to promote the work oneself, advance rustic person with ability to plan, introduce energetically know agriculture, know civil achieve, the talent of conference report business. In the meantime, strengthen new-style management main body to breed, encourage supportive farmer major construction of grange of class of farm of cooperation, family, star, promote young farmer systematism rate, big thrust promotes a plan into countryside, make the life that presses down people completely more good.