Of Nie Xin ” most light party class ” it is the language that how refine becomes / Lin Qiao recently, county Party committee of Hubei cloud dream organizes what ministry Party member teachs central director Nie Xin to think of politics tax lecture notes to brush explode friend circle, be by assist ” most light party class ” , full text of date of hundreds of small letter public of countrywide publishs its lecture notes. ” corps daily ” a problem is ” on party class wants ” take a heart ” ” comment article points out: “This kind has academic massiness feeling to have practice specific aim again already, withstand relapses the party class that deliberate and time test, sweet like a cup tea is same, labial tine stays sweet, the aftertaste is boundless. ” approach Nie Xin just discovers, “Most light party class ” hard-earned. Result from his hard-working 2017 year on August 4, inside hall of report of Party school of cloud dream county Party committee, hot tear of insurgent, from time to time is filled with the warm blood of undergraduate from time to time of solid example of exercitation of more than below the stage 1300 Lai Yunmeng the socket of eye, the Nie Xin on the stage with ” make best show oneself ” tell party class for the theme. A month of incident happening, to develop a beneficial activity to this batch of undergraduates, cloud dream county Party committee organizes a ministry to decide You Niexin will tell party class, “When be cadre of secondary division level, Nie Xin is promoted is the youngest, let him tell without acting channel. ” Liu Shengtang of minister of members of standing committee of cloud dream county Party committee, organization says. Nie Xin made a whisper in the heart at that time, he basically is engaged in a Party member teaching administrative job previously, go up party class, he never has tried. “I am too young, I think experience is a bit richer retell party class, the likelihood is more appropriate. ” this is Nie Xin the first reaction at that time. Nevertheless, nie Xin is returned finally is the agree came down. “Sheet goes explaining thought politics theory, the undergraduate can feel very as dry as a chip, tell the sense of reality of some of oneself to suffer however instead, let an undergraduate more easily accept, cause resonance easily. ” the study through telling party class to a few a person of academic or artistic distinction, nie Xin had the knowledge of a few faintness to preparing party class. 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours, 3 hours 5 version, most a long time has teaching materials of more than 30000 words. Him Nie Xin wants to be less than, to prepare this party class, he needs to prepare so much data. “Issue of our organization department is very much, often work overtime, our collective works overtime in the evening at 10 o’clock, he still does not go back, his person prepares lessons in the office, good to be told adroitly consider politics course, he resembled planning two many weeks so. ” party of ministry of organization of cloud dream county Party committee is built do director Yang Zhidong to say. Result from his thinking careful 80 hind ” the net is red ” Xu Chuan says: “Thinking of politics tax lecture notes well to be not is ‘ the accumulation of literary quotation ‘ . Of Nie Xin think of politics tax lecture notes to plan a distribution, introduction, cannot leave ‘ intention fine is bitter ‘ . ” in March 2012, nie Xin chooses cloud dream county Party committee to organize a work from Bureau of Finance of cloud dream county, job of department of organization of county Party committee is much, hand is little, almost everybody holds concurrently doing a few works, nie Xin just arrived when constituent department office work, still hold the business that doing talent family concurrently, classics regular meeting encounters this thing to had not finished, be arranged to do a business, but he can in perfect order processing is good. 2017, cloud dream county begins across of public company of prefectural vertical section and blame to pass ” day of branch theme party ” activity, plan, organization, harmonious, control, nie Xin asks to each link to the queen’s taste. 42 counties vertical section and key are not public company to form two pairs, every quarter holds both sides jointly ” day of branch theme party ” activity, in the meantime, guidance of prefectural vertical section is not organization of public company party to fulfil ” 3 meetings one class ” system, promoted party of blame public company effectively to propose working standard. Cloud dream county Party committee organizes ministry undersecretary Zou Liang to say: “Group work career of a few years, better those who exercised Nie Xin is rigorous degree. ” lecture notes of party class of Nie Xin compose is continue to use this kind of spirit, his lecture notes full text all is controlled in 15000 words, every lecture notes is divided for a few much, each much divides a small argument again, whole lecture notes buckles a theme closely, the story home of of all ages, international and oneself experience alternate each other, integral frame structure feels special clarity is clear to the person. Result from his development innovation is doing good superior actively to hand in do do article, do meeting, handle affairs while, the consciousness of commonly used innovation when Nie Xin considers the work. 2019, begin in cloud dream county ” branch make one’s rounds is full ” in the job, nie Xin to entire county 783 parties organization executes comprehensive check-up to search ” crucial point ” , quantity body is custom-built build ” case of illness ” , fulfil responsibility to protect ” medical effect ” , fill effectively neat organization of basic level party is short board. “Pass comprehensive go on a tour of inspection, leave to village branch one by one ‘ prescription ‘ , catch rectify and reform, drive basic level Party branch to fill short board, strong function. Current, we are popularizing Yun Meng in whole town this one practice. ” by April, municipal Party committee of filial piety feeling organizes Wei of ministry undersecretary direction to say. He is when the office work, way of advocacy innovation management by objectives, carry out ” one division one person one window ” the program establishs an activity, make each section office show window, each people show ability; he is when talent division job, edited afresh library of rural practical person with ability, build Zhang Li to make real operation condition manage, aid pushed new rural area to build; when he is organizing division job, use ” the party is built + Internet ” mode, participate in research and development ” Party member of Yun Meng county walks on platform of office government information ” , to the party organization and Party member undertake integral controls government, the career linkage of the construction that urged a party and party develops, branch of county of wide forgive of province of county of Shaanxi province violet this world, Shandong and organization of and other places of county of Hubei Gu Cheng comes round to inspect study; in succession he is when work of center of Party member education, the Party member that the organization films is taught piece ” all the way tangerine all the way sweet ” have the honor to win complete province first prize. He tells exemple of dot of grand sight of illuminate of clear great truth, small angle, bagatelle to answer the mode of big question to tell party class with small carrier, got broad netizen approbate. Result from his Wen Gong from empty 2018, nie Xin was created ” do not forget Chu Xincai can forever young ” ” happiness is to struggle come out ” ” be about to have big look greatly ” ” follow Mao Zedong to learn to lead ” ” Xi Jinping is new the thought leads us, 2019, created ” we are the people that pursue a dream ” party class lecture notes, have the draft or text of a speech of 4 party class among them wide on Internet to circulate. Area of Yue Lu of the Changsha City of plant of cigarette of Harbin project university, Xinjiang, Hunan is versed in revenue of Jin Tang county, Yunnan saves Wu bureau, the Chengdu City the party class lecture notes that the formal organization of the above party class such as public security bureau of dragon hill county learns Nie Xin centrally, henan saves Ru Yang county Party committee to organize a ministry to begin ” those who make best show oneself ” study discusses an activity greatly. Face an accident to have one’s moment, all sorts of recognition of the netizen, nie Xin speak bluntly ” oneself are not outstanding, because oneself are not the teacher of Party school, so everybody includes quite to me, can be paid close attention to to attribute a mishap by media, I am even great learn. ” the party organization of the countrywide much ground such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong calls to organize a ministry to cloud dream county Party committee, before inviting Nie Xin, go giving lessons, be politelied decline finally by Nie Xin. To henceforth, nie Xin expresses, want more strict him requirement, the attitude that uses study considers the work, with the spirit that bear hardships investment works, the consciousness that uses innovation carries a work, with low-key attitude careful need the work, sign up for our party and people back and forth.