This world of Hunan river levee, clear is riparian, of ” of one ” wall lie between, outside the wall, cloudy flood is lost when just coming feral, chase gradual change to must rise meekly inside; wall, citizens had eaten dinner to take carefree ground to take a walk in edge river scene, a heavy traffic, lively as before… on July 10 up to now, the strongest rainfall is mixed since this year pass through the territory of a country of flood peak of top water level, let the infrastructure such as Changsha prevent or control flood, catchment and lash-up ability undergoing huge test. The Changsha the city zone of at present, citizen life is well-ordered, danger of point of flood prevention fight a flood not Jing. Hunan Jiang Dongan: 6 months build a ” of a ” impregnable fortress many citizens still perhaps remember 2017 Hunan river Changsha paragraph experience history is highest the case of big water level, in Hunan river Dong Anlei sanded bag resists pluvial setting still clearly is in eye. (Hu Henghua of secretary of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee dikes in Hunan Jiang Dongan, on-the-spot examination superintend and director guides flood prevention works. Zhou Baiping of reporter of entire media of Changsha evening paper is photographed) be this flood, expose a Changsha city prevent or control flood short board place. Pluvial drop back, facilities of the prevent or control flood that municipal Party committee, municipal government organizes pair of the city zone instantly, prevent waterlogging, facilities that discharge be soiled undertakes be assessmented in the round, the result shows pair of Hunan Jiang Dongan (river cabinet reachs Du Fu Yin Penling big bridge) Duan Jin adds the bank all right tall consolidate processing is imperative. In those days in August, city hair changes appoint prevent or control flood of approval Hunan Jiang Dongan transforms project project approving integratedly, by city public project center is in charge of the organ长沙桑拿点ization of the project building. The project will star building last year in October, cabinet of Du Fu river has south, north comes side of north of big bridge of silver-colored basin mountain, full-length 5.1 kilometers. “Suffer Hunan river water level and flood season effect, effective time limit for a project has ford project only 6 month, construction organization difficulty is very great, time limit for a project is particularly nervous. “Liang Jun of the six ministries in feudal China of management of project of public project center’s minister tells city the reporter. (Hunan river water level rises, jiang Bian pulled segregation string. ) personnel of more than 1000 construction fights bravely 6 months, before flood season comes this year, project ford project as scheduled finishing, hunan Jiang Dongan builds a ” of impregnable fortress of a ferroconcrete ” . “Add than blocking water height so now differ 1.1 meters higher to 1.4 meters. “Liang Jun says, the crawl of Hunan Jiang Dongan is to connect those who show pattern previously, once water level is exorbitant, jiang Shui can be overflowed come over. Nowadays, level of bank of prevent or control flood 40.58 meters, standard of prevent or control flood from original 50 year encounter promotion to 200 years. The reporter sees 10 days in combat readiness dock, the fire control here takes water passageway to be flooded basically already by the flood, hunan river surface supports to still 2 rice is apart from more from bank of wall of prevent or control flood. Leaving river footfall gap, one assembles wall of type prevent or control flood to already was installed reach the designated position. “This is dismountable of type, disassemble installation is very convenient, inside very short time, can assemble need is rarely artificially only rise. “Liang Jun says, this kind of aluminium alloy assembles wall of type prevent or control flood to be in provincial it is to be used first, there is sealing strip between their aperture, can make sure ” is leakproof ” . Be profit from builds wall of prevent or control flood this, hunan Jiang Dongan need not resemble going again in that way base sand was wrapped. Below curtain of night, the flood outside the bank is torrential, the common people inside the bank lives and work in peace and contentment. Wall of prevent or control flood stands still peacefully, endured successfully after building first the test of flood peak pass through the territory of a country.宁乡七天酒店 Clear in relief riverside: Build a protective screen ” 13 of safety of ” of a prevent or control flood 9 years meridian midday, in Changsha county? Pear is street on Tao Gongmiao square, pass through glazing of wall of a prevent or control flood, the reporter sees, still leave the silt that has the flood these days to bring on close water footpath. On square, the Tao Gongmiao that has 1500 old history and 900 years of Gu Zhangshu of tree age stand still peacefully, liver production life is normal and orderly. Among epicycle rainfall process, this action of decis长沙芙蓉至尊豪廷大酒店ive prevent or control flood reached high长沙鑫天大酒店 since the walls of 5 prevent or control flood of rice. (Flood peak of station of Hunan river Changsha is restful pass through the territory of a country. ) in the past, ? The ” of ” soft costal region that belt length of Gu Zhenyi of pear contented fair temple restricts range of ki宜兴新芙蓉精品酒店地址lom芙蓉大酒店(三部)怎么样eter of 1.5 kilometers, about 2 square is coastal prevent or control flood of clear Yang He, inside the area 3 harbor collect double bridge harbor, pear river harbor, garden harbor here clear Yang He, whenever area of river of flood season edge gets flood often. To solve ” of flood of chiliad of this one ” , is Changsha county started since 2010? Pear water environment is integrated punish project, according to the fortify of hundred years big water level that encounters, build clear in relief river? Pear paragraph project of system of drain flooded fields of prevent or control flood. 2012 year, full-length of 1.5 kilometers? Wall of prevent or control flood of integrated punish first phase enables pear water environment, back-to-back, many low platoon pump, tall platoon canal, project of lake of harbour of the attune on pear Jiang Gang builds in succession. 9 year time, place works then, in clear this world river side is built had a safe protective screen. (at present, water level is dropping in. Qin Yi of reporter of stars entire media / photograph. ) ? Street Tao Gongmiao issues pear street dweller Shu Xingyun says: “If not be wall of this prevent or control flood, present water estimation has gone up to the waist. “Aside Li Hua of food store merchant also plaints: “Previously I not dare much replenish onr’s stock, but the flood was blocked to be outside wall of prevent or control flood this year, the business in inn did not suffer an effect. “” later period returns harbor of the will timely garden that start the project such as tall platoon of tall platoon, double bridge harbor. “? Street and relevant controller introduces pear. Become underground of sponge city town to be in charge of a net to remove prevent waterlogging to discharge the decisive action of be soiled in strong rainfall to preliminary 2030 construction. Rainstorm will raid, what be faced with ” of ” final examination above all is urban underground drainpipe net. At present Changsha advocate the catchment conduit of lower part of artery of primary and secondary of the city zone is full-length nearly 4000 kilometers. The reporter lives from city establish bureau understanding to, in underground tubal net is transformed upgrade while, in recent years, changsha accumulative total throws even more to municipal drainpipe the net implements project of comprehensive Qing Jun 100 million yuan. (” of vast and mighty main forces of ” clear silt. The picture is offerred by Long Zhuoqian of reporter Su Zhicheng) ” eliminates risk of waterlogging tubal a n胜利街北国芙蓉酒店etwork mainly especially, transform easy be soiled to block bit of 30 much place up in last few years, make waterlogging hidde南京市雨花台区后院酒店n trouble gets be eliminationed effectively. “City lives build the bureau is relevant chief introduction, changsha is driven before flood season comes this year, what discharge be soiled in the light of prevent waterlogging of the city zone is short board, right advocate all pumping station that discharge be soiled have the city zone comprehensive platoon is checked and; of check of make one’s rounds expedites special team to be in charge of net clear silt to underground everyday, the mud that Qing Dynasty comes out is close 10 thousand tons. In the meantime, increased safeguard frequency second, undertake aggrandizement Qing Dynasty many rounds draw out to key area, ensure catchment fastens the unobstructed of all. (the road surface after the staff member is passing to cleanness undertakes alexipharmic. The picture is offerred by Long Zhuoqian of reporter Su Zhicheng) in recent years, changsha strengthens the essence of town planning to refine management, wait for elevation of road of elevation of drain off water of drainpipe diameter, town, town those who bring into town planning is mandatory content, undertake administrative strictly. At present Changsha is advancing sponge city to build energetically, inside limits of requirement whole town all building, rebuild, the construction project of extend all needs form a complete set to build sponge city establishment, it is with new city construction especially rely on, it is grasper with urban greenbelt park, wet park, increase construction to throw, lake of the brook that be like a plum piece garden of culture of area, west lake, Song Yahu, it is enlarge an area interior in reservation on the foundation of natural water system, enlarge water area area, increase store water size, enhanced a city to gather the capability of rainwater. Changsha published the basis 2016 ” the executive opinion that builds about pushing sponge city in the round ” , will influence time clearly with 5 years, make area of above of 20% of urban building area achieves national sponge city to build a target to ask; arrives 2030, the area of above of 80% of urban building area achieves national sponge city to build target demand, preliminary the the Changsha City construction becomes sponge city, the harmony that realizes city, person, water is accrete.