Chu Wei is heavy implement — development of high quality of manufacturing industry of equipment of focusing of peaceful country city sums up Li Man Si Yuxia (publish on July 15, 2019 ” Hunan daily ” 08 edition) the country stands with ability, course of study is promoted with ability. The peaceful countryside now, qiu Xianre is thirsty. Came 8 days on July 7, equipment of congress of peaceful country person of outstanding ability makes expert butt joint can be held. Scholar of more than 80 expert joins in peaceful countryside equipment creates committee of industrial expert guidance, make manufacturing industry of peaceful countryside equipment ” brain trust ” . Bring ability to enter peace, why first place of manufacturing industry park? “Peaceful country should stand town with manufacturing industry, garden area should establish garden with manufacturing industry. ” Hu Henghua of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, Changsha is when peaceful countryside survey, express ardent expect. “Accelerate construction manufacturing industry strong city, prop up lead high quality development, it is the strategic option that promotes peaceful countryside development, also be us the mission of person of this generation peaceful countryside and take on. ” peaceful countryside is versed in via opening area party appoint thinking of Zhou Hui of secretary of secretary, municipal Party committee is clear. The acropolis peace countryside that regards provincial capital as Changsha, its develop an advantage to be in manufacturing industry, the basis that promotes high quality development also is in manufacturing industry. (the high concentration complete end that mining industry of Chen city treasure mountain recommends peaceful countryside classics to drive O芙蓉广场湘豪酒店u Feiyi stock is arenaceous cream body fills up equipment reachs a technology, greet green mine ” between example ” . ) thick accumulate thin hair, “Bibcock ” the industry sends force to talk about development of peaceful country manufacturing industry continuously, a group of data are crucial. 2018, peaceful country city finishs dimensions gross value of industrial output 149.4 billion yuan. Among them, production value of equipment manufacturing industry 46.5 billion yuan, occupy in industrial gross than amounting to 31% . Equipment manufacturing industry, already became peaceful country undoubtedly ” bibcock ” industry. From form in light of, the equipment of whole town made an enterprise cover machinery of project machine, medical treatment equipment, mine, electric power and electron yuan the cavalcade of more than 10 fractionize such as machine tool of parts of an apparatus, numerical control, having better industrial base. Among them, there is no lack of to be gotten illustriously in the reputation in the industry army enterprise. It is ore at the same time ” see light again ” , it is backfill of end arenaceous synchronism at the same time. In June 2019, mining industry of treasure mountain of Hunan Chen city introduces high concentration whole trail is arenaceous cream body fills up equipment reachs a technology, greet green mine ” between example ” . Treasure mountain mining industry is the base of production of plumbic zinc raw material with main Hunan Province, as the propulsion of exploitation, end of library of mining area gangue is arenaceous ” inventory ” gradually full, earnestly needs ” quiet stock ” . Its periphery country rock is flabbier the character of solid, bring about extremely easily collect empty area cave in. Cementation of original artificial mullock blame fills up law, wait for a respect from safe, environmental protection, efficiency, all incommensurate existing production. “With filling up 80 stere are calculated hourly, 2000 stere end arenaceous backfill, use original method to need a month, need 25 hours left and right sides only n宁乡的足浴怎么样ow. High concentration creams of body fill up, after letting fill up not only select empty area very strong, still won’t erode because of rainwater, permeate land, take a remaining part arenaceous medium heavy metal, without the 2 pollution risk after filling up, it is true green safety the exploitation means of efficient environmental protection. ” Yong Bing of Gong of vise general manager of treasure mountain mining industry introduces, after using this technology, but the of 40% end in gangue library arenaceous backfill, hopeful serves mine fixed number of year to increase one times. Innovate a technology for its, provide the company that creams body fills prime to have, be located in peaceful countryside classics to open the flying ala Inc. of the area just about, the whole world creams body fills up whole set technology reachs equipment supplier exclusively. And the technology of this one banner whole world, flying ala share has lasted research and development 10 years. “The country raised higher security and environmental protection requirement to min长沙洗浴e mine, the technology with this our company long already dormancy greets the rising sun eventually. ” Yao Limin of general manager of flying ala Inc. introduces, come 10 years, flying ala share uses investment of major research and development in cream body fills prime equipment technology to go up. But because price of equipment of a complete set of is high, did not realize gain. Till last year, this one technique takes industry line of vision, flying ala share breaks through 170 million production value from this. This year, cream body fills up equipment order for goods soars, predicting production value can amount to 400 million yuan. In fact, peaceful country company grows retentive height passion to innovating, with its policy guiding is having greatest correlation. 2013, complete province of preexistence of peaceful country rate comes on stage and carry out equipment to upgrade allowance policy, came on stage in succession again in last few years ” about promoting the executive idea of economy of substance of peaceful country industry ” ” the 10 policy measure that supports development of industrial business innovation ” wait for document of more than 10 special policy, breed 31 rise again, inside the numerous course of study such as Chu Tianke ability well-known company, collect enterprise of relevant form a complete set 125. Innovation drive, “Wisdom go to ” lead transition to upgrade how is fluid of one pyxis profess to convinced born? In the intelligent plant that builds by Hunan day science and technology, grow when a seed ” fructification ” hind, the machine will pluck the raw material that come down undertakes pre-treatment, in extraction workshop classics condenses configuration, repass conduit carries preparation workshop; Each machinery arm operates classics of capable person of bag of the medicine bottle in the workshop neatly, ordinal finish wash, fill, , sterilization, detect, pack wait for manufacturing step. During, each pharmacy ” member ” the action, can be collected probe record, once appear accident, transmit control system instantly, implementation is online diagnose as useless as get rid of. A such automation line, can produce juice of 30 thousand bottles of profess to convinced hourly, need a few perambulatory employee to be able to come true only hold accuse. Such intelligent factory is nerve, automation content to shed a system to be blood for Internet of cerebrum, industry with informatization system, each function area efficient confluence, the operation intelligence that realizes whole factory is changed. “System of pharmacy of intelligence of Hunan day science and technology can realize automation to produce on one hand, improve manufacturing efficiency considerably. In the meantime, its intelligence is changed, informatization and but the quality stability that date from sex assured to medicines and chemical reagents is producing segment and consistency. ” Cai Dayu of technical academy assistant dean introduces in the center of Hunan day science and technology, give priority to in order to sell stand-alone equipment or linkage line from in the past, to offerring solution of medical equipment whole to develop is hasten of general trends place. In this one domain, hunan day science and technology develops implementation and world synchronism. Nowadays, the world is in new in the tide of revolution of round of science and technology, developing intelligence to make is peaceful country manufacturing industry by the only way that becomes strong greatly. 2018, peaceful countryside came on stage ” the opinion that pushs construction of ability of innovation of science and technology about accelerating ” , ” increase funds of whole society research and development to throw the action to plan (2018-2020 year) ” , arrange 50 million yuan of science and technology special fund, achievement of supportive industry science and technology is changed, development of new and high product, advanced equipment is purchased, professional is introduced, construction of platform of research and development, intelligence changes technical reformation. Heavy in December 2018 award in Wei new energy resources, Ch曲江芙蓉酒店u Tianke ability in all innovation orgnaization builds the research and development of 13 enterprises, accumulative total supports fund 26.56 million yuan. Through giving fund, advocate to policy self-restraint of innovation ” system fountainhead ” , plentiful encourages innovation ” system air ” . 31 remove a sale to grow strong continuously again, sales revenue and profit all promote considerably; Astral state weighs labour to have the honor to win labour to believe a ministry 2019 the first batch only essence of life is especially new small giant company; Acerbity lithium of cobalt of tall voltage of 4.45V of fir fir new energy resources begins big batch dimensions formally to turn production; A group of things with common features the investment of center of technology of aluminous painty project that encourages new material moves, making world-class aluminous dye produce base with all one’s strength; On May 28 Biyadi start working of dynamical cell project… company of a home is sailing development drive, innovation of science and technology, intelligence makes the accelerator that making peaceful countryside progress. Group Ying Hui comes together, “Wisdom librar浏阳桑拿y ” bring a talent to no matter be traditional industry intelligence is ch宁乡海鲜酒店anged,be propped up transform, intelligence of burgeoning still industry is changed breed, the development of manufacturing industry cannot leave high-end talented person. Start talent of 5127 high quality to introduce a project from 2008, started the plan that 45 cadres talent develops 2013, advanced the technology that 45 industry business just introduces only 2017, drove those who omit lotus talent plan to fulfil be born with all one’s strength 2018… till now, equipment of congress of peaceful country person of outstanding ability makes expert butt joint can be held, hunan Wei earth opens wide bosom, greet each person of outstanding ability to gather together, for peaceful countryside equipment manufacturing industry gives counsel. “Can satisfy really to content to money temporarily need, but to the enterprise character, most crucial is to introduce a talent. ” Changsha mulberry rhenium is special controller of limited company of agricultural machinery equipment feels surprizing fully, this congress of person of outstanding ability built the platform of enterprise and high-end talent contact, satisfied their requirement to the talent. “Congress of this person of outstanding ability, we and 浏阳银天酒店招聘Shang Xiaoming’s associate professor and its group undertook arrange with, direction of their research and development can help us solve the improvement in crucial position material and structure fitly problem. ” in the conference that day, this enterprise and expert group signed cooperative intent agreement. Next, peaceful native place is perfect establish alliance of industrial catenary expert, make in order to equip, science and technology of treatment of new material, food, biology committee of guidance of 4 industries expert, catenary of industry of dominant position of the country that it is peace builds development to offer driving talent to prop up. “Peaceful countryside builds manufacturing industry strong city, want to promote excelsior craftsman spirit energetically already, accomplish good product peaceful countryside to build; Want to promote the entrepreneur spirit of development enterprising energetically again, more sufficient play peaceful coun宁乡市酒店招聘员工信息tryside is breeding development to expand the area on manufacturing industry, advantage of platform, industry, policy, talent; Should promote spirit of new era scientist energetically more, let craftsman spirit, entrepreneur spirit be below the reflect of scientist spirit more bright is bright, more long and eternal. ” face full hall person of outstanding ability, zhou Hui present one’s views vehemently. Abide is worn such train of thought, peaceful countryside goes up the way that develops in high quality to be sent firmly far. (Hunan day science and technology devotes oneself to to make global medicine equipment get army enterprise. ) (picture by each relevant enterprise is offerred)