Brook of clear in relief broadleaf plant: Front courtyard of close a hunderd schools listens cold door ” learn bully ” tell ” domestic wind story ” client of new Hunan of Hunan daily · is carried on July 17 dispatch (Zhang Biqin of of reporter Zhang Yonggong) on July 12 morning, go up brook of broadleaf plant of be apt to ” story of the wind that tell the home, send force of be apt to ” the story is shared meeting ” room of activity of Party branch of Chang Gong of Chang Feng village is pressed down to hold in broadleaf plant brook. One pair when broadleaf plant brook presses down ” learn bully ” brother-in-law — the Wang Shaoyuan of straight gain graduat石门国际大酒店对门芙蓉大酒店e student of Beijing University and Tsinghua university are big the domestic member of 2 students Wang Shaoxin is on dais together, share with adjacent of nearly 100 countryside ” domestic wind good story ” . Domestic member not card games, do the friend equality communication, means that uses severity to teach the child to learn self-discipline as a child with children, learn together with the child, teach child learning method and program time… these ” beside ” domestic wind good story, Yo. From tight surelysubject sb to discipline ” dozen ” piece ” learn bully ” the straight gain graduate student that controlling oneself to be used to Wang Shaoyuan is Beijing University, those who learn is life science major. “I never had played computer game and mobile phone game, like with age person ‘ eat chicken ‘ , brush ‘ tremble sound ‘ I had not played, small letter and QQ also are used at talking about one’s proper business only, never prattle, ” the person that Wang Shaoyuan is an e浏阳工业园水疗会所xceeding self-discipline, “I feel these meet fritter away person Volition, waste life, we should have more active up interest interest. ” long volt case study brought about Wang Shaoyuan the figure is round, aff浏阳养生spaected health, “Read into Beijing University when grinding, I ask I reduce weight come down, next self-ordained cookbook reducing weight, every meal has 7 minutes full, morning and evening holds to long-distance running, those 4 months, I became thin 50 jins. ” ” I also hope my child can control oneself very much, excuse me, how are you to let what his nurturance is used to this kind? ” a mother below the stage puts questions to maternal Yuan Yulan of Wang Shaoyuan. “I and child get along with the friend’s means all the time, but, teach him to reject temptation, abstain self-discipline, I am very absolute however. In one’s childhood, every time when his abandon or err thing, I am met very hit him sharply. Children one-tenth is not clear to the fault, the parent must want to tell him where is wrong, once take him ‘ road ‘ , formed a habit, it is not difficult to hold to. ” Yuan Yulan is Wang Shaoyuan in the eye ” best mom ” : “My very much good convention comes from her teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution. For instance, when I do work, her meeting is seeing a book accompany me aside silently, she has culture of junior high s珙县巡场芙蓉大酒店chool only, a long time is awaited and can not coach very much my exerci龙山岳麓商务酒店电话se, but her meeting calm old she also won’t, suggest who I look for to help next; She will be serious and each thing in approaching the life hard, write the university entrance exam one that year to help me volunteer, she ground only a lot of reference book, in becoming my teacher and classmate key point even ‘ the college enters oneself for an examination know-all ‘ ; She is softhearted, can manage oneself mood well, I never had seen she complains to get angry with chaos. ” bend uses up all letting the child learns intellectual Wang Yongju is Wang Shaoxin in the eye ” best father ” . This is a marvelous man: When the hospital takes care of the fellow worker 九院芙蓉大酒店路线图that building site gets hurt, the mother that Wang Yongju knew Wang Shaoxin — she performed an operation skull head to be ill abed because of traffic accident at that time, a paragraph of love story happened in ward. Later, wang Yongju insisted to marry this woman that already lost labor ability, unripe raised two children. Now, two children are ” learn bully ” — the son is taken an examination of attended Tsinghua college, the daughter reads second year in high school in city key middle school, achievement be among the best of candidates. Wang Yongju relies on to hit chore to propping up this home. The most commendable is, this goodness, just and long-suffering fellow is very hopeful still, when communicating with the person, always be belt of corners of the mouth laughs. “The life is so hard, you had wanted to abandon, does breakfast let the child work earn money partake pressure? ” the somebody below the stage asks him. “Never had thought! I tell children all the time, I do not have culture, cannot teach you knowledge, but I am OK bend uses up all giving you offer an opportunity, let you acquire knowledge! ” Wang Yongju says, the child’s study is him in the eye ” the first important thing, “This are very important, only the parent took seriously, the child just can take seriously. ” Wang Yongju shared ” little experience ” : When junior high school, it is good to there is a student achievement to compare Wan石城芙蓉酒店g Shaoxin all the time on the class. Bout attends a meeting the parent, wang Yongju invites the mother of that child to travel together, “She said to make an appointment with a friend to hit mahjong not to go with me, I saw the eyes of child disappointment that day. Later, that child achievement drops point-blank, did not take an examination of to high school very on. ” news is outspread story of the wind that tell the home sends force of be apt to ” the thing that I think study is him child all the time, the parent is ensured character besides proffer beyond, other do not give help on. This is shared can let me know, I should do still have a lot of, do not want card games for example, often do not play a mobile phone, give the child company more. ” Lai Zhengkun says. Lai Zhengkun lives in broadleaf plant brook to press down group of hole of stone of constant abundant village, hear have this activity, he is taking the child to riding autocycle to run early in the morning 3 kilometers road comes to the spot, “The story beside more ground connection is angry, I can use what acquire today in the life henceforth, strive for in making heart of a child ‘ best father ‘ . ” it is reported, this is to go up brook of broadleaf plant of be apt to ” st长沙万达文华酒店ory of the wind that tell the home, send force of be apt to ” the story is shared of the meeting the 5th period, also be group of town of broadleaf plant brook appoint ” youth builds brook of broadleaf plant of dream · grow seedlings ” the opening activity that love of summer vacation time of the undergraduate that return country carries out. Wang Shaoxin and predestined relationship of king carry on attend ” small green broadleaf plant ” group of service of volunteer of the undergraduate that return country is the backbone force that broadleaf plant brook presses down volunteer service, so far, already accumulative total was begun ” small commonweal · loves the action ” volunteer activity more than 40, take an active part in fight ice to provide disaster relief, long road bridges, culture show more than 30, cogent had become the assistant of the party and reserve. From July the bottom arrives at the beginning of August, culture of new era of town of broadleaf plant brook carries out name a person for a particular job to continue to begin what participate in by volunteer of the undergraduate that return country ” youth builds brook of broadleaf plant of dream · grow seedlings ” love of summer vacation time is raised teach an activity, press down infuse youth vigor for broadleaf plant brook, contribute green force.