[the good school beside] cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small — put each child in daily of the Hunan on the heart? New Hunan client is carried on May 2 dispatch (Yu Xiao of reporter Wang Qian’s reporter) ” education is skilled work of a slow worker worker, we never anxious. We want to give the child an environment that grows freely with quiet education, the character and morals with a brave innovation, the childhood of a big bright, next static wait for a flower to leave. ” cereal of the foot of mountain of high new developed area of the Changsha City the 2nd elementary school (cereal of the foot of mountain of the following abbreviation 2 small) the Yo person original intention that president how about is elaborating the school so. Built in September 2017 since school, cereal of the foot of mountain 2 young general ” run a quiet school ” the education that serves as oneself wishs scene, build book sweet campus and campus of science and technology, entire school teacher is held to ” sincere diligent learned ” school example, carry on ” solidarity, dare be a person first, willingness, excelsior ” school spirit, steadily before row. What cannot the directional education that communicates the demand that lets the child to become the school to teach create, but it can inspire children creativity to work in order to be engaged in at creation. Walk into cereal of the foot of mountain the office of how about of 2 young presidents, there is a piece to be able to sit down inside the long table of 10 people. And this piece of table is not to offer school teacher to attend a meeting use, prepare for the student however. “The door of my office is opening from beginning to end, the student can look for me to say worry at any time, say a proposal. ” how about says, in cereal of the foot of mountain in 2 small managerial processes, a lot of originality come from the demand of children. The some day 2018, how about discovers schooltime of a student wanders in campus, the inquiry before going up. “What are you doing? ” the answer of this student makes how about very open-eyed, he says: “I discover president mom school altogether has 175 wells to build. ” feeling puzzled in how about heart, doesn’t this child attend class is the lid that count a well dry? The student continues to put forward: “President mom, these wells build good malformation, what issue can we select with doing? ” the open-eyed translate into of how about is surprizing, ask: “What do you want to do then? ” the think of a way that the student offerred to want to paint a picture on well lid. How about to the student this idea gave approval. To encourage child diverge originality, enhance the child’s sense of responsibility at the same time, her requirement child ” picture what theme and how to make a picture ” two problems bring back the home, think well. The following day, the key that taking an issue as expected will looked for her to come. “President mom, in should go up the picture should use propylene dye, we can draw fawn, because fawn is the mascot of the school. ” then, the well of 2 small school yard builds cereal of the foot of mountain, be gray no longer, however of color. This also is cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small professions experience course is medium ” planar stylist ” this occupational origin. And the think of a way that opens a profession to experience course, also come from concerned future profession to investigate questionnaire. How about discovery, the likelihood is the contact in daily life more, to the very little reason that other profession knows, the answer of students is centered in teacher and doctor on these two professions, how about produced the think of a way that opens a profession to experience course. Since running a school, cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small with the the Changsha City 935 programs emphasis aids financially a task ” the practice of illuminative education studies pupil profession career ” to lead, opened a series of professions that accord with the development in child victory and heart to experience course, the individual character that carries for the student grows offer a possibility. According to school vice-president Jiang Ya beautiful introduces, among them ” fawn cinema ” ” fawn kitchen ” ” fawn assists service hillock ” ” fawn judge ” ” fawn handiwork lane ” the innovation thinking that waited for course to train a student already, raised a student again start work ability, still let a student be in the experience, have an initial perception to the profession. The cereal of characteristic the foot of mountain that conformity lets the resource advantage of the school become the school to teach 2 small be located in industrial garden area, software park of the report in bordering and garden of core city science and technology, north gathered to fight home of navigation, drive to collect here, power the company of new and high technology such as Cheng Ji group, regard the education of industrial garden as form a complete set, the school teachs a respect to have congenital advantage in science and technology, this also made campus of science and technology offer good condition for the school. Since running a school, it is a target in order to make book sweet campus and school yard of science and technology, the school is active and integrated social natural resources, provide multivariate and stereo study space and experience for the student. Begin from 3 grade, offer course of a process designing every week, became cereal of the foot of mountain the course of 2 small mark sexes. The school is based on in the resource advantage of electric software park, cooperate with school of Hua Rui IT, attend class of a process designing for the student every week. How about thinks, in Internet + below educational setting, hunan obtains batch of countries formally to teach Yo informatization 2 pilot provinces again, the information accomplishment that raises a student so is imperative. At present the school is experiencing with Changsha flight the house achieves cooperative new pattern in all, the spaceflight that hopes through the school education becomes good pupil is illuminative, promote a student to establish next rendering service to repay kindness as a child then the motherland, grown the ambitious ambition that becomes national ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state. And founding respect of book sweet campus, cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small the first step, let breath of culture of campus be contaminated namely. Then, the culture wall in campus affixed the couplet that teachers and students, parent creates; The stickup school on corridor asks the branch year that the expert recommends for children to read booklist designedly; The door of every class became conference speech ” storybook ” , a door passes a kind of a story, culture; Class library offers sort to read booklist variously for the child, the shelf that designs according to child height and book stool also make after school reads tentacle to be able to be reached… at the same time, the school will read a class to include groovy school timetable, open every week, assure time of reading of teacher guidance child. Managerial group hope will be founded ” book sweet campus ” the practice kind that serves as quiet education, have the aid of is read and the force of the book makes campus static come down, make education slow come down. Slowly, read brought influence to begin to go up personally in children show came out. After 1602 Chen Wenbo’s classmate finishs class find how about actively, want to use him hand in ” case forest fairy tale ” exchange a teacher ” small fox A counterpoises ” , returning how about actively one week later. Very fast, had this precedent, ceaselessly the child exchanges a book with the teacher, even between the classmate, popularity began to rise between class ” book book is seaborne ” activity. Read the interest that became the child by the teacher’s requirement. The compensatory parents that collaboration lets the parent’s participation become the school to teach is the first school that the child knows the world to get knowledge. Cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small situation are special, border on one hand industrial garden, the father and mother that has partial child is to pursue estate of new and high pointed technology, in the meantime, the past ever was department of urban and rural union here, the parents of many children is the villager that answer change. The education of the child that if why had done two kinds of families to teach background in a school,differs completely, accomplish truly have religion without kind, cereal of the foot of mountain pays attention to mental health education of the student very all the time since school of 2 a lunar month of 29 days. In December 2017, 2 small application made cereal of the foot of mountain university of medicine of Hunan traditional Chinese medical science ” school psychology helps ” He Xiangya the 2nd hospital ” children spirit psychogenic disorder ” the experimental school of two projects. The school invites university of medicine of Hunan traditional Chinese medical science to be like long root doctor to teach adviser for the family, open commonweal family freely 11 times to teach course for the parent. The school still invites Hunan at the same time elegant add the expert of mental sanitation division of 2 to come school, the child that centers not easily to partial attention undertook free psychology diagnose, offer free behavior training. In the meantime, the school still comes in the parent please, do the mental health education of good parent. Every Zhou Wu of month of last a week, became cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small the most lively day. There always is in this day ” mysterious person ” begin lecturing of the real situation, they are the parent delegates of every class, specialization body ” story announcer ” will attend the school every months to be held ” listen to father mother taletelling ” activity. This is cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small be in all the time importunate school of a home in all Yo activity. Be in early at the beginning of running a school, concern for promotional home school, let the parent agree with the managerial concept of the school better, the school puts forward to want to make ” domestic school teachs copartner ” , hope parent and the happiness that the school stands in different point of view to help force child jointly grow, among them father estrade is most special. The original intention that offers father forum is the absent of the father in be being taught to make up for a family, incentive and more father is participated in close child education, every months of first phase, had done up to now 7 period, parent of attend a lecture amounts to more than 1000 people. The school invites the father of disparate industry to undertake educational sharing for the parent, pass the public mark of the school, have transmission 2 times, deliver more parent for the sake of will advanced concept, let more parent participate in come in. Father estrade requirement is very strict, the parent must hand in a mobile phone first, absorption listen respectfully, detailed notes. “Listened to a lecture, I am ashamed to my play a card to censure the child at the same time at the same time. My blind is taught, let child heart get very great harm. ” a parent leaves a message after attending forum of first phase father. The school still was initiated ” close child read in all ” proposal, the parent also became book popular reading one part. Nowadays, cereal of the foot of mountain 2 small parents every night although again busy also can take out half hours to accompany the child to read together, share communication to read together comprehend, on the weekend read time to still can be lengthened to a hour. Parents still can be passed ” wisdom campus ” platform, time is read in what oneself and child share with everybody in class ring. Nowadays, the child gives a hug before going out, make cereal of the foot of mountain the habit of 2 small parents. Parents still built love volunteer service group, section of section of opening celebration, sports, artistic moral integrity, science and technology can see parents’ busy figure. Parents became educational copartner, allied forces, form a school to teach join forces, the education of person of 2 small quiet Yo carries out cereal of the foot of mountain more and more thorough also.